Our Service Offerings

pod charactristics
  1. Systems Integration - Insurance Policy Systems Integration, HL7 Integration, ACORD Integration.
  2. Go-Forward team - Technically superior, high performing, multi-skilled team who can architect, build application framework, implement complex components and guide rest of the development team.
  3. Techno SoS - Rapid assessment & recovery of technically challenged projects

Our Engineering Proficiency

Web & Mobile *
Programming Language & Middleware *
Databases *
Cloud *
Products & Standards *
Tools & Frameworks *

Living the e-pod Life

Stand Up. Get focus on the day. Team owns it and drives it everyday at same place and same time
Pair UP. Pair produces code. Typist think tactically, partner think strategically. Switch roles periodically.
Test. Write unit test code, test everything that could possibly break.
Code. Verify tests for failure before coding. Follow the coding standards, dev complete criteria.
Refactor. Fix if code smells, remove duplicate logic and heavy methods or classes.
Q&A. Product owner provides immediate decisions/ answers. Build acceptance test to capture it.
Integrate or Toss. Integrate, test and fix. Make it 100% unbreakable. If unable to integrate, then toss it and start fresh.
Go Home. Nothing is hanging with you today. Make sure either its integrated or tossed.

Engineering Metrics

We hold ourselves to highest standards of quality. We measure our Engineering Performance through defined metrics using industry standard tools. We continuously monitor and report our performance.